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Your partner in raising successful, confident kids & teens.

Bansho is more than a tutoring program. We partner with students, parents, and classroom teachers to help kids thrive in – and out – of the classroom.
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Our Story

Bansho was designed with families in mind. Born out of the global shift to at-home learning, we knew that parents and students needed more than a typical tutor to address the skill gaps and social-emotional impact caused by the pandemic.
Michael Scissons, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman
Michael scissons
Co-Founder & executive chairman
Kandace Herring, Co-Founder and CEO
Kandace Herring
Co-Founder & CEO
When determining what learning with Bansho would look like, we knew that pairing high-quality 1:1 instruction with an authentic hand-matched relationship would yield lasting results for whole-child success.

Bansho Learning Partners take tutoring to the next level, by serving as a true partner for students, families, and even their classroom teachers, to coordinate ongoing support and optimize success – all while tailoring instruction to each student and their unique interests and goals.

At Bansho, we value the power of relationships and individualized learning.

As a team of parents and educators, we also know that:
  • Lowering student-teacher ratios has been found to improve test scores and increase graduation rates.
  • Personalized learning increases achievement for students, regardless of their starting level.
  • Positive student-teacher relationships lead to greater academic, social, and motivational outcomes.
  • High-dosage tutoring with a consistent educator has been proven to meaningfully increase learning gains by 3-15 months across K-12.
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Partners in giving back.

Bansho recognizes that helping students thrive is a mission that we share with families, schools, and communities. Our Ambassador and Fundraising programs are intentionally structured to foster connections and partnerships that extend beyond our student sessions, to help parents earn additional income, and bring in much-needed funding for schools and community organizations.
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Virtual by Design

We believe that accessibility and convenience are paramount. Bansho’s online setting means families and Learning Partners don’t need to spend time traveling back and forth for sessions. Students can be matched with their true best-fit Learning Partner from our highly curated network of educators. And, working with online tools comes with the inherent benefit of preparing students for life in today’s (and tomorrow’s) world.
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