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Hi, we're Bansho.

We are a consumer-led digital education company committed to helping parents raise successful, confident kids.
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Our Mission

Bansho brings together the best online teachers and the latest technology to achieve the highest outcomes for kids.

Through a combination of the best teaching practices, technology, and learning content, our platform has given parents the support they need to raise confident, successful children.

While we started with a focus on academic tutoring to support families through desperate times, we’re expanding our educational platform to serve a whole spectrum of developmental goals and personal interests.
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How does Bansho work?


Proven methods and content to support interactive learning, storytelling, and student engagement.


We’re constantly innovating and fine-tuning our products to ensure our users have access to the most effective educational tools in the market.


Bansho families are matched with one of our trained teachers to help guide them along their educational journeys and provide the support needed to achieve their goals.
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We're committed to supporting parents.

Everything we do at Bansho is driven by a singular mission: to help as many parents as possible foster the educational and behavior change they’re looking for. By equipping parents with the wisdom and power of top teachers, we believe we can help families thrive both today and in the future.
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Jen, 6th Grade Parent

"The team of educators at Bansho has exceeded my expectations in the personalized and intentional way my son is being engaged and motivated to develop his writing skills. The structure, guidance and encouragement he receives is building his confidence."

Cat, 6th Grade Parent

"Homework used to be a terrible experience and a nightly battle. Bansho has helped my daughter build confidence and independence, so she no longer second guesses her work. This level of support is worth every penny!"

Pam, 6th Grade Parent

"Bansho has been a game-changer! When she meets with Andrea, she is all smiles! She has even started asking for sessions before tests! She hates school and struggles with a learning disability and ADHD. Bansho has saved my relationship with my daughter AND is teaching her math."
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Our Mission in Action

"We were determined to find and fix a world where at-home education and support was broken for parents. Everyone around the world wants smart and confident kids, but don’t always know how. Bansho gives parents the 'how' to have all of the educational and development support they need at their fingertips.”

Our Story

In 2020, Michael Scissons and Prannoy Nambiar started Bansho because they were dissatisfied with how the educational system was supporting parents at home.
Recent research indicates that 63% of American parents feel overwhelmed and anxious, while also feeling like they lack the support required to be successful in their roles. Michael and Prannoy turned their focus on first making education and child development easier for families. They started by supporting parents with core curriculum educational tutoring and coaching.

Now, after helping families around the world connect with teachers to focus on academic success, they are taking everything they have learned to tackle the greatest challenges that parents face. Bansho’s highly adaptable model is a powerful tool to help parents educate and empower their children in the ways that matter most to them.
A headshot of Michael Scissons, Bansho CEO and Co-Founder.
Michael scissons
CEO & Co-Founder
A headshot of Prannoy Nambiar, Bansho Co-Founder.
Prannoy Nambiar
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