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1. Words of affirmation

Looking for a simple and quick way to brighten someone’s day? Spend a few minutes jotting down positive phrases on post-it’s! Place them around your house, school, or neighborhood to spread sunshine to others. 

2. Share your favorite recipe

Have a tasty soup or baked good recipe? Donate your culinary creations to your local shelter, school, or local organization. Cooking and baking are great ways to share kindness with others. 

3. Teach a skill

Are you an expert joke teller? A dedicated athlete? A gifted musician? A talented artist? Teach a family member or friend how to do something new that you do well.

4. Read together

Literature is a valuable way to help kids create connections. Check out a few of our favorite picture book titles that are centered on the theme of kindness. 

5. Act it out!

Role-play scenarios that require compassion. Taking the perspective of another encourages empathy and problem solving skills, and lays the groundwork for kind ways to respond to real-world experiences in the future.

6. Write a thank you card

A word of appreciation is a great way to spread kindness to active military, veterans, first responders, teachers, or other community helpers. This is also an authentic way to practice writing!

7. Model kindness

It’s no surprise that kids learn by example. Speaking kindly to one another, saying “please” and “thank you,” and praising sharing and other positive social behaviors are all ways to help build emotional intelligence.

8. Create a kindness calendar

Personalize a calendar with 30 random acts of kindness and check items off as you do them together. 

9. Create a ripple effect

Want to see a visual representation of the effect of kind actions? Try the Ripple Effect. All you will need is a clear bowl of water and food coloring. The bowl can represent your family, school, community, or even our world! Lightly squeeze one drop of food coloring into the water. One drop represents one kind act, but what happens when you start adding more drops onto the edge of each drop? Continue adding drops and watch the kindness spread! As people experience kindness, they want to show others kindness. There is a ripple effect! 

10. Incorporate kindness into your daily routine

Create a new family tradition and share at least one kind act you’re doing each day!  

How will you spread kindness today?

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