You’ve signed up for Bansho, you’ve been matched with your Learning Partner, and now the fun can begin!

Whether you have a 1st grader with a 30-minute reading lesson, or an 8th grader with an hour of math practice, you can make the most of your child’s live learning sessions with these top 10 tips:

1. Join us!

No matter the student’s age, we encourage a parent or guardian to attend at least the first half of your child’s first session. This not only allows you to get to know your Learning Partner, but it also establishes a partnership from day 1 that shows your child they have a dedicated team supporting their learning journey with Bansho. For future learning sessions beyond that first meeting, we recommend that you remain home, within earshot of your child.

2. It never hurts to plan ahead!

If there is something specific you would like your child’s Learning Partner to focus on during their sessions, feel free to send them a message ahead of time! Whether it’s an image of a math worksheet or a list of spelling words, our Learning Partners are happy to adapt their lessons to address your child’s most immediate priorities.

3. Take a seat, please!

It can be tempting to get cozy on the couch or sprawl out on the floor, but we find that our learners work best when they are sitting up straight in a chair at a desk or table. As needed, students are welcome to get up and take short movement breaks to get any wiggles out! But, an upright seated position will likely help them to maintain their focus throughout the session.

4. Computers are cool!

We strongly recommend that all students attend live learning sessions using a desktop or laptop computer. Our Learning Partners often prepare activities with interactive features that are best experienced on a traditional computer. If a desktop or laptop is not available, a secondary option is to use a tablet with a keyboard. While you can enjoy our Bansho video lessons on mobile, we advise against using a mobile phone for learning sessions.

5. Get charged up!

If your student is using a laptop or tablet, please double-check to make sure the device is fully charged prior to the session. We also recommend having a charger nearby that is easily accessible, just in case.

6. Find the best seat in the house (for internet)!

Internet connectivity can often be spotty! When lagging and freezing occur during a session, it can disrupt the lesson flow and your student’s focus. Identify the areas of your home with the strongest internet connection, and set your child up there.

7. Test your tech!

Even if your child is already familiar with Zoom, please be sure to run a quick test meeting to check your internet connection, video, audio, and microphone functionality prior to the first session.

8. Shhhh!

Make sure your child’s learning location is free from background noise. Whether it’s a sibling playing a game in the other room, or construction work outside, be cognizant of these potential distractions and set your child up as far away from them as possible. Another option is to use headphones to keep them tuned in!

9. It’s the little things!

Your Learning Partner will let you know if your child needs any supplies for their session (think post-it notes, a pencil, markers, a small notebook, etc.), but it can’t hurt to have a few of these items readily available so that your child can follow along and engage in a way that feels natural to them - especially if they are working on their writing, note-taking or organizational skills.

10. Reflect and share with us!

Take a few moments after each session to debrief with your child and discuss what went well during the session, and if there is anything that could have gone better. Did your child enjoy the game they played? Was the book interesting? Was sitting still difficult? Be sure to share any relevant takeaways with your Learning Partner to optimize their next session. The more you share with us, the better we can tailor the experience for your child!

If you have any questions about your child’s first or upcoming learning session, please reach out to your assigned Learning Partner directly.

Don’t have a Learning Partner but want to get started? Simply fill out the form below and our team will be in touch!