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Here are 4 tips to ensure that your parent-teacher discussion is productive:

1. Get informed ahead of the meeting

Before the conference, set aside time to look over some of your child’s recent school work and ask them about their experience. Is there anything they find too easy, too challenging? What is the most exciting thing they’ve learned this year? This is your opportunity to gain insight on your child’s personal experiences this school year, so you can go into the meeting with their perspectives top of mind.

2. Go beyond academics

Understanding where your child is excelling—or struggling—with the curriculum is important, but is not the full picture. Make sure you also dedicate time during the meeting to learn about your child’s experiences in the school setting. Do they seek out challenges, or shy away from them? Do they exhibit empathy for their classmates naturally, or do they need prompting? Do they exhibit the appropriate level of independence for their age?

3. Ask for strategies

Teachers dedicate their careers to connecting with and motivating the students in their classrooms. Don’t be shy to ask them if they have any tips on how you can encourage your child outside of the classroom when they are feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated. 

4. Share what you learned

The conversation shouldn’t stop once you leave the meeting. Update your child on what you learned during the meeting and ask for their perspective. And for our Bansho families, don't forget to share conference feedback with your Learning Partner! The more we know, the better we can support your child.

Remember to take time to learn a little about your child's teacher as well. This is a wonderful opportunity to build a relationship with your child's teacher. You both have a common goal: to see your child grow and succeed. Why not work together to make it happen?

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