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Count, count, and count some more!

Helping your child build number sense is a huge step to math success. Counting is a simple activity that will yield impressive results. Build counting into your daily conversations with your child by counting ordinary objects while participating in different activities. When your child is ready, start counting by different numbers.

Don’t know how to get started? Check out these fun lessons with your child.

Talk your child through your mathematical thinking

Math can be slipped into simple conversations in your home while cooking. "Wow, these cookies are yummy! Maybe next time we will double the recipe to make more. If I used two eggs this time I will need four eggs next time.”

Exposure to mathematical thinking and vocabulary will help provide your children an opportunity to ask questions and expand their curiosity.

Solve simple addition and subtraction problems through play

Mathematical lessons do not need to be in a traditional format to be meaningful. Pose questions to your child such as, "I see you have 5 crayons, how many more would you need if you wanted 7?”  When building with blocks, tell your child, ”I have 5 blocks but will need 9 for the tower I would like to build." Ask your child, ”How many will I need to get to 9?"

Game: Roll a Value with Dice

Have your child roll 2 dice. One representing the tens place, and one representing the ones place value. Challenge your child to create the largest number possible and the smallest number possible.

For example, if a 1 is rolled and a 6 is rolled, the largest number would be 61 and the smallest number would be 16. Encourage mathematical thinking by asking why they made that decision. What is the difference between a 6 in the ones place and a 6 in the tens place?

Building number sense is all about thinking about numbers. We hope these simple techniques will help your child improve their number sense through everyday activities!

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