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1. Make a summer mind map.

Encourage your child to start with the word “summer” at the center of a page. Then, have them use colorful pens and markers to draw branches outward, organizing and connecting summer goals, hopes, plans, and dreams. This is a fun, visually compelling way to organize a summer schedule while also practicing essential pre-writing skills.

2. Keep a summer writing idea bank.

Sometimes, the hardest part of writing is just getting started. Encourage your kids to draw inspiration from the world around them, and keep an ongoing list of writing ideas based on their experiences. This way, they’ll have a notebook full of doodles, thoughts, and writing prompts to reference on those inevitable writer’s block days.

3. Read!

Avid readers are strong writers. Help your kids find joy in reading. Read aloud to them. Read together. Attend library livestreams. Encourage book swaps with friends. Challenge them to rewrite the ending of a book they’ve finished in their own voice and style.

4. Write letters and emails.

When children realize that they can use their words to create meaningful change in their own communities, this is powerful! And it all starts with a letter or an email! Encourage your kids to reach out to friends and relatives in writing, and ask those friends and relatives to respond in writing too. When your child feels strongly about a certain issue affecting the community, encourage them to express their ideas in writing and share them with community stakeholders.

5. Sit with silence and encourage reflection.

When it comes to raising better, braver writers, conversations and experiences have value. But, don’t forget to give your child what children’s television programming extraordinaire, Mr. Rogers, called “the invisible gift” of silence needed to process, consolidate, and reflect on information. One of the best and most beautiful things about writing is that it teaches us to be alone while connecting us with others at the same time. Particularly now, amidst such a cacophonous world, silence can foster learning, encourage reflection, and ultimately, create the conditions for better, braver writing!

6. Visit!

If you’re looking for a more personalized summer writing experience to amp up the fun factor around writing for your child, get in touch with a Bansho Learning Partner! Our Learning Partners (skilled 1:1 educators and creative learning enthusiasts) can help your child take their writing from blah to brilliant this summer. Click here to learn more and start your child's summer writing adventure with Bansho!

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