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The easiest way to encourage a young reader to pick up a book is to find books that speak to their interests.

One-off books are great, but as parents, we are looking for the most bang for our buck. Book series might be your answer! As a teacher I have found that most kids are author-loyal, meaning when they find an author they enjoy they often enjoy that author’s entire catalog. This makes finding enjoyable books for your reader much easier!  Here are a few 3rd grade-specific series your reader might enjoy! Don’t forget that your local librarian or classroom teacher will also be happy to give recommendations based on books or series your reader enjoys!

Book Series for 3rd Graders

Wings of Fire

The Tia Lola Series

by Julia Alvarez

The Tia Lola story series chronicles the adventures of Miguel’s quirky, adventurous Tia Lola. Come along on the adventures as Tia Lola moves from the Dominican Republic to Vermont, becomes a teacher, creates a summer camp, and opens a Bed & Breakfast! This 4-book series (available in English and Spanish) is great for readers that love fun adventures and wacky relatives!



by Sara Pennypacker

What 3rd grader isn’t energetic, lovable, and just a little bit mischievous? This 7-book series follows Clementine, a wild and sweet red-headed girl as she navigates 3rd grade. Clementine’s great ideas are often misunderstood by the adults at school, which leads to frequent trips to the principal’s office. The Clementine series will be a fast favorite for well-intended mischief makers everywhere!

Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

by Cressida Cowell

You have likely seen the movies and tv series, but did you know How to Train Your Dragon originated as a book series? That’s right! Readers can join Hiccup and Toothless on their adventures in the original 12-book series!

Who Would Win_

Who Would Win Series

by Jerry Pallotta

Have you ever wondered who would win in a head-to-head showdown, a jaguar or a skunk? Rattlesnake or a secretary bird? How about a t-rex or a velociraptor? The 23 book series Who Would Win? answers these questions with facts, photographs, and kid-friendly analysis. Each book compares and contrasts the brain structures, bodies, behaviors, and abilities of the two animals. The Who Would Win? books are fun, informative, and great for working on reading comprehension skills! Readers of all ages will have a blast predicting who will win!

Ivy & Bean

Ivy & Bean Series

by Annie Barrows

The 12-book Ivy & Bean series follows two best friends, Ivy & Bean, as they navigate friendship while being complete opposites. Ivy is quiet, thoughtful, and really into becoming a witch. Bean is loud, goofy, and a little bit nosey. At first, the girls can’t imagine being friends because they are so different, but they quickly realize why people say opposites attract. Together Ivy & Bean dream up and execute, more shenanigans than either one of them could have done alone.

Secrets of Droon

Secrets of Droon

by Tony Abbott

Aspiring Harry Potter fans will love the Secrets of Droon mega-series. With 44 books in the series, there is no need to hunt for something new! The series follows the adventures of Eric, Julie, and Neal. The three discover an enchanted stairway in Eric's basement, which happens to be a portal to the magical world of Droon. Unfortunately, Droon is under attack by an evil sorcerer, so Eric, Julie, and Neal agree to help the Princess of Droon save the world.

Sideways Stories

Sideways Stories from Wayside School

by Louis Sachar

Strange things happen at Wayside School, which shouldn’t be too surprising considering the skyscraper school was built sideways! Each of the 4 books contains multiple short stories, each of which outlines the crazy occurrences in the school. If your reader likes things to be a little bizarre they will love this classic!

The Zack Files

The Zack Files

by Dan Greenburg and Jack E. Davis

The Zack Files, a 30-book series that follows the unlikely adventures of a 10-year-old boy named Zack, is engaging and funny. Zack always seems to find himself in the middle of some crazy situations, like his substitute teacher being a werewolf, the Neanderthals at the museum coming to life, and his grandma turning back into a teenager! Join Zack as he deals with these adventures in a great introduction to chapter books.

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