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And while we all may be pros by now at juggling virtual school, working from home, and managing our general uncertainty about returning to a sense of normalcy, the continued disruption to learning continues to take its toll.

McKinsey’s latest December report found that absentee rates are 2.7 times higher this year compared to pre-pandemic levels.

“If historical correlations between chronic absenteeism and high school graduation hold, this could translate into an additional 1.7 million to 3.3 million eighth–12th graders dropping out of school because of the pandemic.”

Impact in the classroom

Learning loss has improved since the 2020/2021 school year, but many students are still four months behind in mathematics and three months behind in reading compared to pre-pandemic levels. These gaps translate to classrooms where the student capability can vary by up to four grade levels, making it increasingly difficult for teachers to accommodate, as they need to tailor their lessons for a much broader and nuanced set of student needs.

What can we do as parents?

Research backed by the Education Trust and MDRC shows that the best way to combat learning loss is through targeted intensive tutoring. Targeted intensive tutoring sounds, well, intense, but it really boils down to ongoing, one-on-one instruction with a focus on skill building.

Bansho is committed to helping close the learning gap

At Bansho, we hand-match all of our students with a dedicated teacher who meets one-on-one online to address learning gaps and boost skills and confidence, while instilling a love of learning. Between sessions, parents and students can text directly with their Bansho Learning Partner for additional resources and support. As a staff of education experts, we believe that the greatest success comes from creating a strong partnership between student, family, classroom teacher and Bansho Learning Partner.

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