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Summer break is steadily approaching, and parents and students alike are feeling burnt out after a whirlwind school year.

Parents are more involved than ever in their children's schooling, and many have taken on a new role of teacher during the pandemic. This may sound positive, but when factoring in the stress of COVID, parents working from home, and often having multiple kiddos to look after and help with school, the situation is less than ideal.

If you are looking for news that students have fared fine academically during COVID and are right on track with where they should be, then you're not going to find that information here or anywhere else, for that matter. So, let's face these facts together, but maybe take a deep breath or two before you read on.

Here at Bansho, we are huge fans of educators. At the beginning of the pandemic, teachers tackled distance learning with limited knowledge, resources, and often support. But they did everything in their power to make sure children got the most out of their education despite the circumstances. Teachers are major rockstars! So, when Horace Mann Educators Corporation released their Voice of the Educator study, surveying K-12 educators, we were all ears!

In February and March of 2021, almost 1,000 K-12 educators were surveyed on their students' academic, social, emotional, and mental health concerns. Here were the key findings of the study:

If this report disheartens you, we can't blame you, but let's dive into a solution. The 38% of educators who believe summer school may help students catch up are on to something.

A new briefing by The Education Trust and MDRC has suggested that to address COVID learning loss, we should stick to what research has proven to work, targeted intensive tutoring.

You might be thinking intensive tutoring? Sounds...intense. But, targeted intensive tutoring just means working with the same tutor over an extended period of time on academic skills. And get this, at its most effective level, targeted intensive tutoring can double the amount of learning a student typically gains in a school year!

The best news? Bansho has revolutionized tutoring! You can get live, one-on-one support paired with a custom learning plan to help your child thrive! Each Bansho Learning Plan is unique to each child.

All Bansho families enjoy the benefits of unlimited messaging with your family's Learning Partner, flexible weekly learning plans, on-demand homework help, and interactive, entertaining video lessons.

This summer, give your child that extra boost they need to go into the next school year feeling confident and ready to learn and flourish.

Learn more about how Bansho is addressing COVID learning gaps for families.

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