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This land is my land… This land is your land… This is our only land!

The ‘blue planet’, our Earth, is home to us all. Unfortunately, our home is in danger.

For families, climate change can be a difficult and scary subject to approach! It feels like a story full of doom and gloom. But all hope is not lost, so Earth Day is a great opportunity to talk about the state of our planet with your kids!

Earth Day began in the 1970s (over 50 years ago), with a few million concerned Americans calling for an awareness of the protection and restoration of the planet. Now, the world celebrates Earth Day as a unified global response to reduce, correct, and prevent environmental crises plaguing our planet.

The protection of our globe is not a problem to leave until tomorrow, and everyone can lend a hand by making small changes today. Every small step is important because change starts with action. Let your kids know that their voices and actions matter!

Our Earth is both precious and fragile. If there is anything to be learned over the past year, it is that our Earth is miraculous at self-restoration, when given the time and support it needs.

Here are a few simple tips that your family can follow to act and advocate for our planet:

1. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

2. Turn off faucets!

While brushing your teeth, turn off the faucet. You can save gallons of water with every brush!

3. Start a garden!

A simple home garden can produce food, help to save money at the grocery store, and reduce food waste.

4. Educate yourself!

Take a few moments to find out what initiatives in your community benefit and support a ‘greener’ planet and how you can get involved.

Can you find an Earth Day event? Participate in a virtual Earth Day event from all over the world. Watch films and speeches, or even join discussions for all ages. Be part of the conversation and learn how you can get involved in protecting and restoring the home we all share.

5. Support those advocating for a ‘greener’ planet!

Find out which your favorite brands, apps, or companies champion ‘green’ initiatives. The more they are supported by us (the consumers) the more time, energy, and money they can put into their continued support of our environment.

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