You may ask yourself if you have done enough to prepare your little one for school, or if there is something more you could do to give them a head start. Wherever your child is in their academic journey, they have their whole lives ahead of them to make progress. You are doing a wonderful job!

What will my Kindergartener be assessed on those early days of school?

1. Concepts of Print

During a typical Kindergarten readiness assessment, your child will be handed a simple book and asked to open it like they would if they were to read it. This is to see if your child has the knowledge of the function of a book and the concepts of print. They may be asked to locate the front cover, back cover, the spine of the book, and to point in the direction the words are read.

How do I prepare them?

2. Letter Recognition

Your child may be asked to identify each letter of the alphabet both lowercase and uppercase. In addition, they may be asked to identify the sound each letter makes. Many children may only know a few sounds, others may know them all, and some may not have been exposed at all. Diverse learners are what makes our classrooms unique!

How do I prepare them?

Sing the ABC’s while looking at the letters. This will help your child learn letter recognition. Try singing the alphabet with the letter sounds instead of the name.

3. Number Recognition

Your child may be asked to identify the numbers 0-10 and/or count from 0-10, identify a simple pattern, and identify basic geometric shapes.

How do I prepare them?

4. Recall of Personal Information

Your child may be asked to identify their first and last name as well as to write it on paper. Additionally, they may be asked to recall their phone number and address.

How do I prepare them?

Kindergarten transition tips:

Your child will be joining a classroom with new friends and faces, this can be scary for anyone let alone the school's smallest learners. Practice introductions with your child, let them know that all the kids will be experiencing new feelings starting school. Practice opening all of the items you plan to pack in your child’s lunch box. Teachers and staff will be there to help, but opening 25 juice boxes and snack bags takes time, your child will be happy they had the full time to eat their lunch. Most importantly, let your child know that education is a gift and that they are so lucky they get to learn all day. Your child will soak up your enthusiasm for new knowledge.

How can Bansho help?

Download Our Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

The Kindergarten assessment is in place as a data collection tool, it is used to create balanced classrooms to maximize all student success. Here at Bansho, we are here to help you and your child with a successful transition into the school year. Contact us to learn more about our learning partners.