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Here are some easy ways to incorporate more words into your daily routine:

Narrate What You’re Doing

I know the life of a parent is always busy and schedules are always full! So while you are cooking dinner or doing laundry, talk about what you are doing! (This works with any age.) Narrating your activities allows your child to hear more words and provides exposure to vocabulary.

If your child is learning to speak, you can have them fill in parts of your sentences or repeat what you say. For example, “I am stirring the sauce with a _______” and have your child fill in the blank.

Talk While Your Child Plays

While your child plays with their toys, talk about what they are doing. This allows your child to not only play and explore, but also hear more words that resonate with their interests and activities. Ask them questions and encourage them to talk about what they are doing as well.

Be Intentional

All of this sounds easy enough, but if we’re honest - most of the time we just get too busy and forget to do even these simple things! Try scheduling distraction-free talk or play time. Distraction-free meals provide a great starting point. Turning off the TV and putting down our phones helps us to be present and provides more opportunities to talk.

Strive for Five

When interacting with your child, try to get in at least five exchanges. It is very easy to get one or two but when we strive for five, it helps contribute to those 20,000 words per day!

About the Author

Heidi Jane is a teacher and parent focused on bringing the Science of Reading to every classroom across America. Heidi is dedicated to educating parents on the science of reading.

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