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Since the start of the school year, we have been hearing more and more from parents of high school students—and even students themselves—that they are in need of additional after-school support, especially in math and writing.

We are very fortunate to already have amazing teachers in our network who can support the core high school curriculum, so it just makes sense to extend our program to grades 9 through 12!

Same Bansho approach

We begin each family’s Bansho journey by talking through learning goals, challenges, interests, and personalities. This free consultation helps us hand-select the perfect teacher for their needs. Because of the 1:1, personalized nature of our program, every session is tailored to meet students where they are—some days that might mean getting help on the day’s homework, while other days it might mean reviewing concepts from earlier in the school year that are still unclear. 

At Bansho, we also use a whole-child approach to education. We believe that teaching students positive self-talk, time management strategies, effective communication, and tips and tricks for how to unlock their potential, are just as important as addressing learning loss and skill gaps. We know that our students are most successful when they demonstrate growth in their confidence and independence. 

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