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Experiments can be easy to set up with simple household items for children of all ages!

Make a DIY solution and see who can create the largest bubble. Produce a soda geyser using Mentos. Or design, sort, and create your own kite - Talk about lift, drag, and the numerous forces at play while the kite is flying high in the sky!

If you have no idea where to begin, fret not - we’ve got you covered! Try one of these experiments:

Ping-Pong Ball 🏓 & Water💧!

A Balloon 🎈 & a Chemical Reaction💥 !

Or, how about this, focus on a question or problem that you can solve or test:

These are all excellent questions you can explore in the comfort of your own backyard. Or perhaps you want to build a long-term science experiment such as a mini-compost, a greenhouse, a dirt battery, and more. Outdoor experiments are only limited to the scope of your own thinking!

Looking for more? Check out this Bansho playlist to get you started on your own outdoor science experiments!

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