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When it comes to helping kids thrive in 3rd Grade, Bansho has your back.

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Our Most Popular Services for Grade 3 Students

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Fluency, stamina, making inferences


Paragraph construction, vocabulary, spelling


Word problems, multiplication, division

SEL + Study Skills

Focus, organization, confidence
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How Bansho Helps Grade 3 Families

  • Personalized 1:1 instruction every week.
  • Homework help and guidance for parents.
  • Access to specialists for learning differences.

How It Works

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Meet our Bansho-Certified 3rd Grade Teachers

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"I always endeavor to make my classes a space where students feel comfortable sharing ideas and making mistakes. My aim is to teach not to lecture. I ensure that my students are able to reproduce concepts and assimilate the information well. To that end, I always allow my students to express themselves, share their ideas and relate what they learn to what they know and experience."

SHanee, 3rd Grade Learning Partner

What Parents (and Kids!) Are Saying

"Our daughter loves working with Allison! She makes learning fun and really pays attention to what she loves and finds books on those topics! We noticed a difference after a couple of sessions."
Bansho Parent