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When it comes to helping kids master 8th Grade, Bansho has your back.

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Our Most Popular Services for Grade 8 Students

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Fluency, comprehension, text analysis


Research, vocabulary, essay structure, editing


Fractions, decimals, percentages, geometry, pre-algebra

SEL + Study Skills

Growth mindset, focus, organization, test-taking strategies
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How Bansho Helps Grade 8 Families

  • Personalized 1:1 instruction every week.
  • Homework help, test prep, and guidance for parents.
  • Access to specialists for learning differences.

How It Works

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Meet our Bansho-Certified 8th Grade Teachers

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"I love working with 8th grade students because their minds are connecting pieces together and questioning how and why math works. They think about hypothetical situations and ask, "What if we tried this instead?" or "What if the number were negative?" etc. I end up asking even more questions, and they get to do all the answering.  I have so much fun leading them to connect the pieces themselves."

Andrea R., 8th Grade Learning Partner

What Parents (and Kids!) Are Saying

"Thank you a million times over for making Bansho a safe and positive environment for our daughters to learn. We can’t wait to see her growth! She’s already talking about her next lesson."
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