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Connect to certified teachers, right from your kitchen table.

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We're changing how families think about K-12 education.

Bansho uses top teachers, amazing content and engaging technology to teach your child the things they need to know. We partner with parents to better understand your children and give you the knowledge and support you need for long-lasting educational and behavioral change.
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We know that tutoring and educating kids can be hard. We are here to make it easier.

Teacher-Ready Help from Day One
We talk to every family we work with to discuss their child’s learning goals, challenges, and personality. This is free, without risk or obligation.
Interactive Learning & Homework Support
We don’t just teach — we make learning fun and interactive. Students work to develop skills 1:1 with their teacher with engaging online teaching sessions.
Easy Membership
Bansho memberships are flexible! Our Learning team will help you choose a membership that’s right for your child’s learning needs and your family’s schedule and budget. Memberships start as low as $150 per month based on which package you choose.
A Real Vetted Teacher Just for You
A perfect fit for your family, guaranteed. We hand-select the perfect teacher to provide the tutoring and educational support your family needs. Try 14 days risk free!

Online tutoring the way it should be.

We started Bansho with the belief that every family should have access to hands-on, dedicated learning experts from their dining room table.
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Let us help your family.
Your Bansho teacher provides great learning for your kids and unlimited text-based support to you. It’s like having a teacher always ready in your pocket.
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You are the boss.
You decide how Bansho fits into your life. You choose the times and frequency that works best for your child’s unique needs.
Here when you need us.
Access additional homework help or subject area specialists when you are in a pinch.
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