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When it comes to helping kids thrive in Kindergarten, Bansho has your back.

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Our Most Popular Services for Kindergarten Students

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Phonemic awareness, letter sounds, sight words


Uppercase and lowercase letters, simple sentences


Number sense, counting, addition, subtraction


Confidence, focus, receptive & expressive language
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How Bansho Helps Kindergarten Families

  • Personalized 1:1 instruction every week.
  • Homework help and guidance for parents.
  • Access to specialists for learning differences.

How It Works

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Meet Our Bansho-Certified Kindergarten Teachers

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"I love helping students become more independent, confident, mindful, global citizens while having fun!Being able to teach, share, & observe Kindergarteners' development & growth is magical! My philosophy: It's ok to make mistakes - we look at our "magical mistakes" & learn from them."

Air S., Kindergarten Learning Partner

What Parents (and Kids!) Are Saying

"We use Bansho and the kids LOVE IT. Totally worth it. We love every tutor we have had so far."
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