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Set your own hours and get matched according to your schedule.

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Why Join?

Education as we know it is changing and you want to be an innovator in a new movement. You love working with kids to help them achieve their learning goals. You have a deep empathy for parents and caretakers who value their kids' growth and success. You know how hard it can be for families to manage the responsibilities of schoolwork and daily life. You are someone that parents and students can rely on whenever they need help - and you make it fun!


To become a Bansho Learning Partner, all teachers must:

Have prior teaching experience

Excel at teaching in a virtual setting

Have a solid understanding of whole child education, social-emotional learning and family engagement strategies

Have a professional virtual setting with reliable internet connection, webcam, and microphone.

Pass a comprehensive background check


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How do I become a Bansho Learning Partner? to create top-notch learning support systems for all.


How is learning support delivered on Bansho? to live support and content for families that need learning help.


How do I get families and students to work with? to target each student's learning style, preferences & interests.


What is the time commitment of being a Learning Partner? to target each student's learning style, preferences & interests.


What is the compensation? to target each student's learning style, preferences & interests.


Is it possible to be a Bansho Learning Partner alongside being a classroom teacher or other work? to target each student's learning style, preferences & interests.

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